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Pray for ‘em sinners (en Deluxe Tattoo Co.)

Asker cravealife Asks:
What type paint did you use on the board
perewong perewong Said:


"Ragnar’ s Destiny". First & last skateboard I will ever paint. #girona (en Casa Wong)

Out of my comfort zone, but super glad of the first pin up I ever tried to do, based in a Gil Elvgreen’ pin up. Thanks Vero #girona #tattoos (en Deluxe Tattoo Thol)

A.D.I.D.A.S. #girona #tattoos (en Deluxe Tattoo Thol)

The Crow #girona #tattoos

This little thing called love #girona #tattoos (en Deluxe Tattoo Thol)

Human watercolor #ihurtpeople (en Deluxe Tattoo Thol)

Diamond Eyes #girona #tattoos (en Deluxe Tattoo Thol)

Pedro, pt.II #ihurtpeople (en Deluxe Tattoo Thol)


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